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Author: Sailor Simba Title: Prefects' Bathroom Rating: NC-17… - Skwikspells

Jun. 7th, 2005 11:52 pm

Author: Sailor Simba

Title: Prefects' Bathroom

Rating: NC-17

Summary: "You just have to decide what would be a lesser evil, performing sexual favours for a boy or going without Hogsmeade weekends for the rest of your school years. Well?”

Pairing: Seamus/Blaise

A/N: For essawkward because of her 200th post! Congratulations, dear! ^^

Seamus Finnigan opened the door to the prefects’ bathroom. He’d had to threaten Weasley for three weeks to get it out of him, but he had to say it was worth it. It was all very clean and white, and through the windows you could see the sun setting. If he was so inclined, he’d have called it romantic. The next time he was dating someone who wouldn’t put out, he’d have to bring them here.

He dropped his clothes in a pile by the door and walked towards the bath. He couldn’t decide which tap to use, so eventually he decided to turn all the ones with red gems. The bubbles were the funniest thing he’d seen since Lisa Turpin’s face when he’d turned her dinner into slugs, so he decided to turn the green ones and some blue ones and that one purple tap.

There was a short moment when he was afraid that the water would overflow and get the whole floor—and all the towels and clothes—wet, but with some running and twisting of taps, he managed to get them all off just in time. He regarded his handiwork; it was the kind of bath any twelve-year-old, or someone in touch with their inner child, would give anything for.

He jumped in with a shout, splashing water all over the floor, though that wasn’t as important now that he had at least had fun while getting it there. With a gleeful giggle, he splashed even more water up there, swimming like a mermaid in the water and tossing bubbles up into the air. Damn, had he known about this room in the years before, he would have done better in school so he could become a prefect.

The door opened. Seamus froze, head still under the bubbles. Oops. Maybe, if he was lucky, he could pretend he was Ron.

“Go away,” he squeaked. He thought his voice was deeper than Ron’s. Dean was just lying when he said that it really, really wasn’t.

“Who’s in there?” Seamus couldn’t quite place the voice. Male, hit puberty a while ago, annoyed that someone else was already in the bathroom. It was a bit too generic, so he poked his head up slowly. Maybe he could pass off for Anthony Goldstein if he made his voice squeakier.

Blaise Zabini. Even if Seamus hadn’t seen his face, he would recognise that idle stance anywhere. Zabini probably recognised him, as well, but it was worth a try.

“I feel so Anthony today,” he said. “It’s great that my name is Anthony Goldstein.”

Zabini raised an eyebrow. “You’re not supposed to be here,” he said slowly. The lazy smile that was spreading over his face unsettled Seamus. He wasn’t. Zabini had a point.

“Well, you’re not supposed to be here either,” he countered. At least Zabini couldn’t take points. Small blessings, though maybe they didn’t count for much when you were stuck in a room with a Slytherin.

“Perhaps not.” He paused, still with that lazy smirk on his face. “But I am close with the prefect, and thus won’t be punished.”

Well, bugger. Slytherins were evil and prejudiced, the lot of them, and Seamus had no doubt that they’d love a chance to get a Gryffindor once and for all. He didn’t know what the punishment was for being in the prefects’ bathroom when you weren’t one yourself, but he had no idea that it was harsh. Quite possibly, it involved both Filch and Snape, with a side of the Forbidden Forest.

“Please don’t tell anyone?” Yes, it was lame. And immature. And naïve, yes. However, it was the best he could do. He wasn’t close with either Ron or Hermione—and the way Zabini had said that made Seamus think that maybe he didn’t want to be—and he suspected that most people knew that, especially as Seamus had said some rather unsavoury things about their Golden Boy the previous year.

“Don’t tell anyone? Why shouldn’t I?”

Seamus was at a loss. “Because I’m asking you to?” He’d never thought he was the brightest candle of them all, but he was never this bad usually. Being in the same room as a Slytherin was clearly making him slower; he’d always known their stupidity was catching.

“No, really, Finnigan. Tell me, why shouldn’t I tell anyone?” Zabini walked closer—there was no need for that. Seamus was naked below the bubbles. “What will you give me if I don’t?”

“Um. All my Chocolate Frog cards?”

Zabini took his shirt off and tossed it on top of Seamus’ clothes. “Tssk, tssk.” He unbuckled his belt. “I’m sure you can think of something better.” A leer. Things were beginning to dawn on Seamus, though that wasn’t something he’d like to admit.

“What?” he asked weakly.

“Even a Gryffindor can’t be that dense,” Zabini said contemptuously as he took off his trousers. “You know what I mean.”

“But I’m not—um, you know, like that!”

A quirked eyebrow. “So? Neither am I, but a blowjob’s a blowjob when you’re getting it. This isn’t for your enjoyment, Finnigan.” Seamus hesitated. “I suppose you enjoy Hogsmeade weekends, though. You just have to decide what would be a lesser evil, performing sexual favours for a boy or going without Hogsmeade weekends for the rest of your school years.” Zabini pulled off his underpants, sat down on the edge of the bath and quickly stroked himself to hardness. “Well?”

Seamus looked at Zabini’s cock, swallowing loudly. He had no doubt that between Zabini and Malfoy—and Snape!—they would get him suspended from Hogsmeade weekends. He licked his lips hesitantly and started to lean forward. “If you tell anyone about this—”

“You’ll cut my balls off and force me to cook them, I know.” He rolled his eyes.

Seamus blinked. “That’s disgusting, Zabini. I was going to say I’d hit you or something.” He grimaced at the Slytherin, who was looking down at him in disgust. Seamus had always known that Slytherins were sick, but this…

“Will you quit stalling and just get on with it, Finnigan?” Zabini said testily.

So Seamus, being the brave Gryffindor he was, closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and dove forward to take the head in this mouth. It wasn’t as bad as he’d imagined it; he hadn’t died yet, at least.
Zabini’s hips jerked and he laughed breathily. “That’s a good boy.” Seamus sucked a little harder, and Zabini rolled his hips. “Done this before?”

“Fuck you, Zabini,” Seamus said, taking a quick moment to breathe before he bent down again. If he wrapped his lips around his teeth and sucked a little harder, bobbing his head up and down… Zabini groaned, thrusting his hips up, making Seamus choke slightly. He put his hands steadily on Zabini’s thighs too keep him from thrusting. If he had to stop all the time because Zabini was choking him, they’d be here all night.

He stroked Zabini’s balls, feeling them tighten under his hands as Zabini groaned deeply and tangled his hands in Seamus’ hair. “No,” he breathed. Seamus’ heart lurched hopefully. Zabini didn’t want this after all? “But the other way around would be a good idea. Stop.”

Seamus stopped immediately, releasing Zabini's cock with a soft pop. It looked ridiculous, swaying like that just in front of his face, but he didn’t have much time to contemplate it as Zabini jumped down into the pool to stand behind Seamus. “Since you offered so nicely,” he purred just by Seamus’ ear. “I can’t pass up an opportunity like this.”

“I didn’t offer any—oh shit,” Seamus realised. “You are not doing that to me, Zabini! Fuck off!”

Off isn’t here,” Zabini whispered. “I think I’ll do you instead.” He chuckled smugly, licking foam off of Seamus neck.

Seamus leaned against the cold tiles on the side of the bath. Shit. Zabini had him well pinned, and there was no way he’d be able to escape; his wand was too far away, and if he was completely honest with himself, Zabini was a bit bigger than he was. “Zabini, you said you wanted a blowjob, you never said anything about—” he felt warm, slick fingers spread his arse cheeks and probe against his opening “—Zabini! Get off!”

“That, little Gryffindor,” Zabini said, licking his ear, “is exactly what I intend to do.” And with that, he thrust forward.

Sharp zings of pain shot up Seamus’ spine and down his legs, and he shouted, trying to crawl up on the floor to get away from it. “Stop it!” he shouted. “Zabini, get off me!” he clenched his eyes shut against the tears and grimaced and tried to push Zabini away because it hurt, he wanted it to stop.
Zabini stroked his shoulders firmly, whispering nonsense into his ears. Seamus leaned back into him, arching his spine, desperate for any comfort he could get.

“It’ll stop hurting soon, don’t worry,” Zabini murmured.

“Get off me, please,” Seamus sobbed. “Please!”

“No, just wait a second. It’ll feel better soon.” Zabini kissed his neck lightly, wrapping his arms around Seamus’ waist, bringing him closer and standing perfectly still. “Pretty little Gryffindor,” he murmured, tugging gently at Seamus’ ear with his teeth. “C’mon, be brave now.”

Brave. Yes. Gryffindors were brave; Seamus shouldn’t be close to tears just because some bloke was fucking him. He breathed deeply, doing his best to relax. “Just…wait a few seconds, will you?” he choked out. He leaned back into Zabini, trying to be as boneless as possible. It didn’t hut all that much if he didn’t clench his arse for all he was worth. “All right,” he said shakily, leaning forward. “Do what you have to do.”

Zabini snickered lightly behind him and thrust shallowly. Seamus leaned forward against the tiles again, bracing himself for every thrust and screwing his eyes shut, concentrating on being as relaxed as possible. It still hurt like a bitch, but at least he could think of something else than the pain now. If he arched his back a little, then it was almost…

Seamus froze. He wasn’t enjoying it, really.

Though it was hard not to react to the breathy sounds Zabini was making, and shit, he was really taking his time, wasn’t he? He was thrusting unhurriedly, leaning on Seamus’ back for support, breathing shallowly on his neck and sliding his right hand up and down on Seamus chest—how had he not noticed that until now? He whinged involuntarily, hips twitching because there was a difference between not so bad and really rather good and he didn’t want to cross it. “Shit, Zabini, could you hurry the fuck up?”

“Why?” Zabini grunted. “Afraid you’ll start enjoying it if it goes on for too long?”

No!” But Zabini’s hand was already creeping downwards to Seamus’ half-hard cock so there was no use denying it and feeling Zabini’s hand close around it was good and sex would always be sex, wouldn’t it? Just because he was enjoying this didn’t mean anything about him. He thrust into Zabini’s hand, breathing deeper and deeper, pushing back when Zabini pushed forward.

“That’s a good little Gryffindor,” Zabini chuckled against his neck, biting it loosely.

“Shut up and get on with it,” Seamus groaned, flexing his hips and throwing his head back.

“Eager, much?”

And he was. Not for Zabini’s cock, of course, but he wanted to get off and when Zabini moved just so it brought him so close to the edge it was a wonder he hadn’t come ten times already, and if he could just feel it one more time that’d be enough. He gasped, things clenching and all his thoughts running down hotly to his middle—he forgot about Zabini, forgot about the prefects’ bathroom and all the homework he had for tomorrow and just savoured the feeling of soaring on the edge for a few moments.

And then he came. His cock twitched and he spurted his load into the hot water with a breathy moan, shaking his head to clear his thoughts quickly—it wouldn’t do to fall down in the water now. He felt Zabini freeze with a loud gasp behind him as he came inside Seamus.

“Well,” said Seamus as soon as he caught his breath. “Now you’re done, get the fuck off me.”

“Still such a mouth on you,” Zabini drawled as he pulled out and stepped up from the pool. “Maybe I’ll have to teach you another lesson sometime soon.”

“Not bloody likely,” Seamus muttered. Zabini just smiled candidly and put on his clothes.

“Nice to see you,” he said with a smirk as he walked for the door. Seamus was still standing in the bath, head in his hands. “Oh, and Finnigan?” He looked up to see Zabini smirking at him. “Just so you know, there is no way I could get you suspended from Hogsmeade weekends.” With a wink, Zabini sauntered out and closed the door behind him, laughing at Seamus’ angry shouts.

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Date:June 8th, 2005 08:19 pm (UTC)


I want to quote but like.

*all of it*




Date:May 4th, 2006 04:03 pm (UTC)

Love it!

Hi, I'm your annoying fan from Fan Fiction :) How come you can write so well?

Kate Karson
Date:April 14th, 2008 01:45 am (UTC)
Haha! Zabini definitely is a nasty little Slytherin! :P
Date:May 23rd, 2008 09:50 pm (UTC)
Just joined LJ...